Teaching Award of the Board of Studies (Studienkommission)

The lecture Programming Languages 2 (Summer Term 2023) conducted by Jonathan Brachthäuser
Head of the SE research group
Jonathan Immanuel Brachthäuser
, and exercises led by Marcial Gaißert
Marcial Gaißert
, was honored with the “Teaching Award of the Board of Studies (Studienkommission)”.

The lecture is based on Benjamin Pierce’s seminal book “Types and Programming Languages” and teaches the mathematical foundations behind programming languages (operational semantics and type systems).

Selection Remark by the Board of Studies

The students noted his “infectious enthusiasm for the subject”, the well-balanced exercises and the high quality of his notes and slides.

Acknowledgments and Gratitude

We express our gratitude to the board of studies for this honor and the trust placed in us. We extend our thanks to Benjamin Pierce for his excellent book, Klaus Ostermann for his invaluable teaching materials, and the students of Programming Languages 2 for their keen interest and active participation during the lectures.