Assigned Thesis Topics

We are looking forward to working with you on your thesis project (in German or English)! Our group offers a range of open thesis topics in the general area of software engineering or programming languages. We also welcome your own ideas, especially if they are in scope of our research topics.

If you are interested in pursuing a thesis with our group, please send us an email with the following information:

  • a brief description of the kind of work you are interested in (e.g. more theoretical, more practical, a programming task, ...)
  • your level of knowledge of the theory or implementation of programming languages (if any)
  • a current transcript of your grades
  • potentially relevant skills you acquired outside of university

List of currently assigned thesis topics

Franciszek Piszcz (MSc)

Abstract-Interpretation-Based Language Server for Python

Most IDEs for Python development follow traditional code analysis approaches that are known to work well for statically-typed languages such as Java or C++. A lot of modern Python code is untyped, and these conservative tools tend to assign the “Any” type for variables that do not have explicit type annotations. However, programmers are usually able to deduce types (and often concrete values) by looking at surrounding code and jumping through function definitions and call sites.

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Leonard Zieger (BSc)

Spectrum-based fault localization (SBFL) for Haskell

Spectrum-based fault localization (SBFL) is a technique for automatically locating the probable source code location of bugs in software.

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