Resources for Writing

On this page, we collect a few resources that can help you to write your thesis or term paper and present it.

Resources on Reading Papers

Research often starts with reading the most important literature and get an overview over the field. We recommend the following resources.

Resources on Writing

  • Simon Peyton Jones “How to write a great research paper” (web, video)
  • Derek Dreyer “How to Write Papers So People Can Read Them” (video)
  • Highly recommended book: “Style: Toward Clarity and Grace” by Joseph M. Williams (slides by Kathryn McKinley)
  • Paolo Giarrusso’s presentation on writing (PDF)
  • How to write an introduction (short guide)

Resources on Giving Talks

  • Simon Peyton Jones “How to give a great research talk” (paper, video)
  • Derek Dreyer “How to Give Talks That People Can Follow” (video)